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Manoj Sebastian is the co-founder of SADHANA and also the Chief Operating Officer. He has a Master's Degree in Social Work and comes with a rich and mixed experience of working for NGOs, Government and corporate sector on development issues. Has more than a decade of professional experience in Community Development, Training and Development, Corporate Social Responsibility. He started volunteerism at the age of 16 and has volunteered for many National and international organisations. Has vast experience in community development, project management, formulation and development of training procedures and managing various Community Organizations. He presently holds various positions in various Committees formed by the Government of Karnataka.
Expertise Areas: Strategy Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Organization Management and Development.

RAVI - Founder Secretary

Ravi is the Founder Secretary of SADHANA. With a working experience of more than 16-years in Corporate Social Responsibility, Training and Public Relations, he has wide experience of working in Non-Governmental Organizations and Multi-National Companies. He has the credit of establishing “Model CSR Projects” for Multi-National Companies in Bangalore and Mysore. His brainchild of forming “Village Development Committees” to ensure sustainable community development has been replicated across Karnataka State.
Expertise Areas: Corporate Social Responsibility Projects, Community Based Organizations and Training.

K. L. MANU - Founder Chairperson

Mrs. K.L. Manu is the founder Chairperson of SADHANA. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work and Diploma in Rural Development. With her passion for community organization, she has been able to form Self Help Groups and train women to become economically and socially self-reliant.
Expertise Areas: Community Organization, Training and Organization Development.


Mahesh has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Mysore. He is a specialist in managing Child Labour, Child Rights and Child Protections projects. With his exposure of working with the International Labour Organization, he has been successful in making school drop-outs to be part of the mainstream society. He was also the Chairman of Child Welfare Committee in Chamarajanagar.
Expertise Areas: Child Labour, Tribal Development, Community Based Organizations and Training


T.J. Suresh has more than 12-years of experience in formation of Self Help Groups and Community Based Organizations. He has implemented empowerment, health and education projects funded by Government of Karnataka. He is also the Secretary of Chamarajanagar District Non-Governmental Federation Organization.
Expertise Areas: HIV/AIDS Projects, Rural and Tribal Communities Development and Networking.


Mathew M.N. is a Human Resources Management expert. He has wide experience of working in retail, textile and hospitality industries.  He has been able to establish human resources systems and processes to the organizations.
Expertise Areas: Recruitment, Strategy Development and HR Systems.


Ramu M. has a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Mysore. He has been instrumental in developing grass root level organizations in urban, rural and tribal communities. Has experience of working with tribal communities and is a Counsellor for People Living with HIV/AIDS.
Expertise Areas: Counselling, Tribal Development and Community Development Organizations.


Dr. B. Jagadish has multi-disciplinary experience in the field of Social Work, Mass Communication, Journalism, Entrepreneurship Development, Teaching, Research and Human Resources Management. He bagged first rank in all his academic milestones - B.A (Journalism), M.S.W (PM & IR), PGDHRM, PGDMCJ and MAMCJ (Journalism). With his crave for teaching; he also completed UGC-NET. The University of Mysore has awarded Ph.D. in Social Work for his research on Sex Education.
On his professional front, he started his career as a Journalist and later worked as a Faculty in RUDSETI, an NGO which is dedicated for Entrepreneurship Development across the country. As a Development Consultant and Guest Faculty to various Universities, he has travelled widely for conducting action research, documentation and teaching/training across India and abroad. Later, he switched over to the Corporate Sector and presently performing different roles in Human Resources Management.
In his career spanning over 14-years, as a trainer-motivator-facilitator, he has trained more than 12,500 persons between the age group of 18 to 58 years. He is the author of the books “Sex Education in India – A Social Work Perspective” and “Field Work in Social Work – Learning by Doing” and has published evidence-based research articles in reputed National and International Journals.
Expertise Areas: Action Research, Documentation and Training.


SADHANA is the brainchild of inexhaustible perseverance of a strong team of young and dynamic professionals from Social Work background, who occupy the key positions of management and administrative positions. Established in November 2001.

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